art is a fertile soil for endless possibilities

Having worked as a therapist for almost 20 years, I am excited to be on this parallell journey bringing new ideas to life. I believe my background as a therapist is one of my greatest assets as a photographer today in my continued pursuit of witnessing life’s stories while interpreting light, colors, atmosphere and the sense of a moment.

My photographic journey began in my early teens and my interest and passion has continued to grow with me since. My work as well as my love for travelling exploring the world, has brought me to many places and stories, continuously nurturing my interest in humans and cultures, my endless longing to nature and my engagement for the wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants.

Growing up in the Swedish countryside, the deep forests, open fields, meadows and clear lakes were our natural scenery and playground. I have always loved the magic that can only exist in a wild scenery and I spend a lot of time finding both rest and inspiration in these environments.

For my ongoing projects and whereabouts, please visit my Instagram.
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